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Tracy Rittenhouse

Assistant Professor

CURRENT OPENING:  I am seeking a PhD student for fall 2018. This student will be partially funded on an NSF project studying ranavirus epidemics.   
If interested in this position, please email Dr. Rittenhouse ( and attach one file that contains a cover letter (with GPA and GRE scores, relevant experience, and contact information for three references) and resume.

Current Students:

Christina Macklem, M.S. student

Jenny Killburn, M.S. student

Kristen Beattie, M.S. student

Jason Hawley, Ph.D. student




Michael Evans, 2016 Ph.D.
Dissertation title: Ecological effects of Development on American Black Bear
     Currently with Defenders of Wildlife




Kelly O’Connor, 2015 M.S.

Thesis title: Spatial and Temporal Use of Early Successional Haibtat Patches by a Community of Mammals in the Northeastern United States

    Currently at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 





Jaron Kolek, 2015 B.S. with Honors

Honors thesis title: Using Distance Sampling to Estimate Densities of Newly Metamorphosed Amphibians

     Currently a Research Technician with Idaho Deparment of Fish & Game











Jason O'Connor, 2014 M.S.

Thesis title: Manipulation of Larval and Winter Habitat Reveals Potential Effects of Urbanization and Climate Change on Wood Frogs in Connecticut

     Currently at Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission









Wildlife Division at Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

USGS Amphibian Monitoring and Research Initiative – NE Region

Brunner Lab

Crespi Lab

Eggert Lab

Semlitsch Lab


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Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087