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Faculty    Students

Affiliated Faculty / Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Jason Vokoun
Center Director and Associate Professor of Fisheries

Dr. Min Huang
Adjunct Faculty/Research Scientist of Wildlife

Dr. Howard Kilpatrick
Adjunct Faculty/Research Scientist of Wildlife

Dr. Melissa McKinney
Assistant Professor of Ecotoxicology / Fisheries & Wildlife


Dr. Anita Morzillo
Assistant Professor of Human Dimensions / Wildlife


Dr. Morty Ortega
Associate Professor of Wildlife

Dr. Tracy Rittenhouse
Assistant Professor of Wildlife

Dr. Chadwick Rittenhouse
Assistant Research Professor of Landscape Ecology / Wildlife


Dr. Denis Roy

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Stephen Swallow
Professor of Resource Economics

Dr. Michael Willig
Professor of Ecology and Director of CESE

Dr. Amy Welsh

Adjunct Faculty of Conservation Genetics / Fisheries & Wildlife

Affiliated Undergraduate / Graduate Students

Jen Bourque

MS Student


Danielle Greene

MS Student


Ellie Linden

MS Student


Megan Linske

PhD Candidate


Lindsay Keener-Eck

MS Student


Jenny Kilburn
MS Student


Mauri Liberati

PhD Candidate


D. Cristina Macklem

MS Student


Carolyn Miller

MS Student


Lucas Nathan

PhD Candidate


Sara Pedro

PhD Student


Rachel Smiley

BS student - University Scholar


Nicholas Yarmey

MS Student

Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Center
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Connecticut
1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087